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Rare Smicrostigma! Weird blue-green staghorn succulent!

South Africa is the home to almost half the world's 10,000 species of succulents, including the rare Smicrostigma viride.

This unusual Ice Plant relative takes on a odd staghorn shape, with eerie blue-green leaves and stems. Its wedge-shaped leaves are 3-sided and are fused at the base in pairs.

This is a great addition for collectors of strange plants!

Smicrostigma viride is a small, wide shrub that grows 12 to 15" tall. The branches turn woody with age, which is fairly rare for members of the "Mesemb" family (Aizoaceae).

The plant flowers in the spring and summer, with attractive, pinkish blooms. The name "Smicrostigma" refers to the small stigmas of the flower. This is the only species in the genus Smicrostigma.

Smicrostigma is found in semi-desert areas in the Cape provinces of South Africa. Summer temperatures there average in the 80s, but occasionally climb into the 90s and above. It usually dips into the 30s in winter, but rarely drops below freezing.

The plant can probably tolerate a few degrees of frost, but i recommend protecting it from all frost. It is easily grown in a pot, indoors or out. I grow it in a 50/50 mix of potting soil and perlite that's kept lightly moist.

Smicrostigma viride

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