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  • Sempervivum cv. Oddity McPherson
    • Sempervivum tectorum cv. Oddity McPherson

Common Names include: 
ENGLISH: Trumpeter, Hens & Chicks, Cobweb Houseleek


Description: Oddity is an evergreen rosette succulent with a mat forming growth habit with densely clustered leaves. Differently to the leaves of most sempervivums (That are broad and pointed) the ones of 'oddity' are folded lengthwise and backwards so that they look like green cigarette papers. Also very reminiscent of Crassula ovata cv. 'Gollum' (syn. Crassula ovata cv. 'Hobbit'). 'Oddity' is relatively rapid growing cultivar that forms little clumps that continues to spread. This cultivar occasionally has a tendency to mutate with completely flat leaves.

Sempervivum tectorum cv. Oddity

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