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Selaginella matrensii or club moss, a relative of the oldest groups of plants - moss belonging to the higher spore plants, belongs to the family Selaginellovye (Selaginellaceae).

Selaginella - low herbaceous plant with creeping or slightly raise shoots on the lower side shoots depart from numerous root growths, or adventitious roots, root easily in the ground.

Length Selaginella shoots can be from ten centimeters in temperate climates to twenty meters in the tropics. The leaves of Selaginella small, rounded, double-row, imbricate, spiral, gloss or matte, soft, can be of various shapes. Selaginella Leaf color can vary from light to dark green, sometimes with a thin yellow pattern.

Selaginella In nature it grows in the tropics and subtropics of both the northern and southern hemispheres of the Earth. Plaunki prefer moisture, and therefore inhabit the tropical rain forests. They can grow in places where never the sun's rays make their way, and for a long time, are in the water, not rotting.

Among Selaginella have representatives who are differently adapted to the growing conditions. For example, there Selaginella - epiphytes that live on tree trunks, in crevices of rocks on the rocks along the banks of rivers and waterfalls. Representatives Plaunkov found among climbing, scansorial, turf, mossy plants.

Selaginella quite capricious and ephemeral, but if they create the appropriate conditions of detention, they are well suited for growing in the home. The content of Selaginella in the house has beneficial effects on the body, providing a restorative effect, increases immunity.


Selaginella does not like direct sunlight, prefers partial shade. She calmly increases with artificial light . Also Selaginella perfect northern windows .


For the growth of Selaginella requires the same temperature even in winter, even in the summer, from 18 to of +20 o C. The Selaginella should be protected from drafts .

Air humidity

Selaginella in the home, as a representative of the tropics, and a resident of raw places, needs high humidity. Therefore, it is desirable to spray several times a day. To the air around it stayed wet longer, can be between the walls of the pot or basket to put the raw sphagnum moss, or put a pot with Selaginella on a pallet with a wet expanded clay, or even possible to put a pot of Selaginella on the stand with a tray of water.

Watering Selaginella

Selaginella prefers abundant watering in summer and winter. If winter temperatures content Selaginella below + 18, watering should be moderate, otherwise you can fill the plant.

Soil mixture in the pot should always be kept moist. Do not allow drying earthen clod, as, indeed, and the upper layer. Water for irrigation Selaginella should be at room temperature, a soft, well-defended, as theorchid .

Selaginella martensii club moss

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