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Light: Peperomia Houseplants grow well in the bright indirect light provided by a west or east-facing window. These plants even grow under fluorescent lights. Insufficient light causes the slow growing peperomia plant to stop growing all together. Direct sunlight burns the leaves.

Water: Allow the top 50% of the soil to dry out before you water. Over-watering, resulting in root-rot, is the main cause of serious peperomia plant problems. It’s best to water these plants from the bottom. This technique keeps the leaves dry and helps prevent plant diseases. The thick leaves of Peperomia Plants hold water and allow the plant to withstand long periods without moisture.

fertilizer: Fertilize peperomia houseplants monthly in the spring and summer with a basic houseplant food at 1/2 the recommended strength. It’s not necessary to feed this plant in the fall and winter.

Temperature: Warm temperatures between 60-80 F are best. Temperatures below 50-55 F and cold drafts from windows and doors damage peperomia plant leaves.


Peperomia obtusifolia Variegata

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