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Bright Orange Blooms Look Like Neon Goldfish!


The Goldfish Plant has become so popular in recent years because...
• unique blooms look like orange fish
• great conversation-starter
• low-maintenance patio or hanging basket plant

Unique, Fluorescent Blooms Look Like Goldfish
What a great focal point - looks great as a hanging basket or sitting on a table. Bright orange petals form together to resemble goldfish crackers! Looks great as a patio plant, in a hanging basket, or an indoors houseplant. No matter where you put it, it will surely spark up some interest.

Grow as a Tropical Patio Plant for Best Results
These plants want to be in temperatures above 60 degrees F. This means that you can keep these plants outdoors during the summer, but bring them inside when the temperatures cool off. These plants are originally from Mexico and Brazil, so they like warm weather. 

Here's How to Get the Max Blooms
You'll get blooms on new growth, so only prune your Goldfish Plant once a year in late winter. This plant prefers bright, indirect light during the spring and summer. When in bloom, make sure the soil stays a little moist. If you prefer to fertilize, do so during the growing season. You'll be rewarded with bright orange blooms! 

Nematanthus gold fish plant

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