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The  long-flowered Calanchoe  is a perennial plant of the crassulaceae family, as is the Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) or the  tree-dwelling tree (Aeonium arboreum) which are well-known examples (Crassulaceae). Its origin is found in tropical Africa.
It reaches a   maximum height of about 40 centimeters. It develops a short, robust stem, of almost square section and tending to be creeping. 
The  leaves  are simple, with a petiole very short to sitting, opposite, with a limbo of rhomboid shape to avobada and fleshy consistency. The edge is serrated in its upper half and the color is bluish green, with reddish tones if it is cold. 
The  flowers  appear in terminal inflorescences type corimbo. They are yellow, with the reddish green calyx, and the petals welded forming a tube with four free lobes that leave four stamens surrounding a tetracarpal ovary.

Kalanchoe longiflora

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