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The ‘Pot Belly Fig’ or Banyan Fig is a very hardy plant that will suit a wide range of conditions from cold southern climates to the extreme tropics, from outdoors in full exposure to any well lit indoor position, Ficus are noted as one of the hardiest of all indoor plants. Ficus retusa has long fast growing stems, Bears oval green leaves up to 7cm long though these reduce with ease as when grown as a bonsai. The Banyan is the probably the classic fig for bonsai especially favoured for its ability to regenerate from very hard pruning, its vigour and willing to cope under poor growing conditions.

Pot Belly Figs are found throughout South East Asia and are also called ‘The Banyan Fig’.  Figs can grow on shere rock faces and on the sides of buildings with their roots growing down the walls in thick swollen shapes creating wired and wonderful effects.  Banyan figs can be trained to almost any shape, specimens can be kept in a tiny pot for 100 or more years or grow into huge trees, they are probably the easiest plant to bonsai.


Figs are very hardy and will tolerate full sun to almost total shade, indoors they will do well in any well lit position

Ficus microcarpa retusa pot belly fig

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