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Those of us who love ‘em tough, low-maintenance & unusual but still gorgeous- take note of this unstoppable, other-worldly beauty! Tidy, silvery-green rosettes quickly grow to 8” tall by 1’ wide & offsets form like crazy! Fantastic year-round, in Spring & Summer (there are some reports of near-constant bloom in Northern California) there is added lovely, lofty fascination when the 1’ tall, glowing pink-red stems shoot up, bearing pink-tinged-with-yellow, bell-shaped blooms. Just the thing for any rock garden, green roof or container! Hummingbirds cheerfully hover around, while deer are indifferent & it’s SO DANGED EASY! Drought tolerant (though a bit of Summer water will pay off handsomely) it does best in well-drained soil with partial shade, or full sun on the coast. Hardy to 25° F.

Echeveria elegans “Mexican Snowball

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