Crassula Princess Pine Succulent will add some texture to your garden. This nicely spreading succulent branches out with very small leaves that tightly hug the stem and have a stacked appearance. Small yellowish-green flowers also cling to the foliage in the spring or mid-summer.  Unlike some other succulents, Princess Pine has a softer appearance.

Succulents tend to be drought tolerant and prefer poor soil conditions that drain very well. Some varieties can take a light freeze.  Try succulents in a rock garden or in a succulent wall.  Some even do well in a terrarium.


Spacing:  Plant 6″ to 12″ apart.

Height:  Grows 6″ to 12″ tall.

How To Grow:Plant in sun or partial shade.

Outstanding Features:  Princess Pine also may be called the Watch Chain Plant because of it’s resemblance to a watch chain.

Tips:  Do not overwater. Overwatering can cause rot.

Uses:Garden Bed, Containers, Borders, Landscapes, Rock Gardens, and Xeriscapes.