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Citrus Tahitian Lime Sublime Patio (Tahitian Lime Patio tree)

The Tahitian Lime Trees are a very fashionable alternative to the lemon tree in the garden. They are very popular given the diverse cuisines in Australia. The Sublime is a fruiting lime tree more petite and great for use in a patio, high balcony, or if preferred in ground in the garden. Limes are well used in Asian Cooking, seafood, meats and desserts. A more compact variety, they produce an attractive juicy fruit, and in ground this variety can grow to approx 3m in time. They can also be grown effectively in large pots, wine barrels or tubs. They like a well drained soil, wither full sun or part shade and love citrus food and manure. Just to note that limes are sold green, however they will ripen to yellow if left on the tree.

Tahitian Lime tree is also available. Please contact us should you wish to purchase.(pick up only from nursery.)

Citrus Tahitian Lime Sublime Patio

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