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CEROPEGIA WOODII (string of hearts)These are one of my favourite pot plants. The elegant heart shape leaves are pink on the back & green and grey (almost silver) on the tops. Needs plenty of light to enhance these colours. Toward the end of summer the plant produces mauve/pink funnel shaped flowers. The vines can be allowed to trail or trained around a support. Two or three plants put into one pot make a lovely display. Or try adding to an outdoor hanging basket amongst the summer bedding plants. CARE: Ceropegia woodii need full sun to partial shade with some protection from the hot midday sun. The temperature should never go below 60° F in winter. Water carefully, and allow soil to dry in between watering's. Fertilise monthly from May to August with a balanced fertiliser diluted to ½ the strength recommended on the label. From November to March, water sparingly; do not fertilise during this rest period. The plant does best if crowded, so repot only when necessary. Repotting is done in April before new growth starts. Propagation: Ceropegia woodii is propagated by cuttings, by small tubers that are produced at the base of the leaves, and by seed. . The plant that will be sent will be like the smaller size picture. attension plant supplied not the large picture please ask for picture of plants this time of year(all plants sent by mail will be bare rooted and sent express mail)

Ceropegia Woodii (Chain of hearts, Rosary vine, String of hearts)

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