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Mango Tree Bowen Fruitalicous (Mango Kensington Pride)

The Mango is a fast growing evergreen fruit tree and a wonderful addition to the garden. Once planted it can grow to approx 8m tall in a tropical environment growing in a canopy shape with deep green leaves. Younger leaves are deep pink/purple in colour. They produce white flowers in spring which are followed by fruit. The fruit produced when ripe in summer has deep yellow skin shaded with red and traditionally tasty, sweet yellow flesh.

Mango trees prefer a warm, sunny position, and they are suited to most well drained soils. They require good watering and also fertilising following the flowering. Spreading mulch will help keep soil moist and control weed growth. Pruning the tree to a low open shape when the tree is young will help growth. Less pruning is required as the tree matures, as fruit is developed on the older wood branches.

Bowen mango (kensington pride)

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