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A Bird’s Eye View on a Unique Fern


It’s always been said that birds of a feather flock together, but the Bird’s Nest Fern looks unlike any other fern in the plant world. Bird’s Nest features long, ruffled, leathery, apple-green fronds. The wide rippled leaves emerge from an inner rosette that looks like a fuzzy brown funnel. When new fronds first appear, they resemble little birds eggs, thus dubbed the Bird’s Nest Fern. Healthy plants can have fronds up to three feet, but this is rare in most indoor situations. This plant is gorgeous addition indoors, in rock gardens or on porches and patios.

Bird’s Nest is a beautiful plant, but does require a bit of pampering in order to reach its full potential. When used as a houseplant, be sure to place in an area that receives filtered or shady light. And remember, Bird’s Nest is a true jungle plant, so keep soil moist and provide the highest humidity possible (this can be accomplished by misting). Never allow the soil to become dry to the touch; however, take care not to allow the plant to sit in water. Cut back on the frequency of watering in the winter during the plant’s dormant period. Bird’s Nest is a real ‘tweet’ both inside and out!

Birds nest fern crested form

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