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BROMELIADS are indoor flowering houseplants that can add great color and texture to your indoor garden. Two of my favorites are the Aechmea Fasciata and the Vriesia Splendens. However, the Guzmania bromeliad is by far the most common bromeliad and they are grown in many colors, including red, orange, yellow and purple.

Aechmea Primera

PICTURED here is Aechmea Primera. With its gorgeous pink flower it is so similar to the Aechmea Fasciata that is often used as a substitute. The difference between the two is the primera has a smooth leaf edge and the fasciata has small spines on the leaf edge.

THERE are many types of bromeliads but the aechmeas have some of the most beautiful flowers and foliage of all the bromeliads.(PICK UP FROM NURSERY ONLY NO MAIL ORDER.)

Aechmea pink

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