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The Matchstick Bromeliad has bright-green leaves with smooth edges.

It grows around 30 cms tall and suckers quickly. forming nice clumps in a short period of time.

Matchstick bromeliad bears upright inflorescences with pink bracts and bluish purple flowers that are produced during the warmer months and followed by round, pink berries.


It looks very exotic, is easy to grow as it is quite hardy and also goes well in pots indoors.

Like many bromeliads it should not be allowed to dry out, but should always have water in the cup of the plant.

Soil: Being epiphytic, it can be grown in the fork of a tree or in light sandy soil.

Maintenance: It is best propagated from the offsets (or pups) with attached roots that appear in the summer.

These should be removed from the mother plant using a knife. If the plant is kept inside, it should be misted with water at room temperature, and fed with a water-soluble fertilizer.

To encourage blooming, the plant may be placed in a sealed bag with an apple for a few days.

Aechmea gamosepala

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